【Pre Order】THE KING OF FANTASY: Iori Yagami lays waste to an Isekai! "Remember me when you look at the moon!" 2


*This product is written in Japanese.
Experience the advent of the Dark Lord, Kyo Kusanagi! ""Let's settle this...Yagami!"
Two eternal flames battle it out in the 2nd part of this isekai KOF light novel!"
The Principality of ESAGAR grows suspicious that Iori Yagami is the Dark Lord after his obliteration of the flame dragon, Alighieri, and attempt to capture him. Iori teams up with Althena and Lililium as they flee to the kingdom of sorcery, Higatsumi. At the same time, however, one man triumphs over the ice dragon Durante, which was one of the Three Sacred Dragons. This man...who's body was covered in red-hot flames...was none other than the DARK LORD KUSANAGI HIMSELF! Two fated flames torch down an isekai in the long-awaited second part of this forbidden fantasy light novel!

<Editorial Supervisor>
Nobuhiko Tenkawa
©Nobuhiko Tenkawa 2020
Book size: B6

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May 31st, 2022 (Tue.) 17:00PM JST

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June 2022 or later

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