【Pre Order】SNK x HCC SAMURAI SHODOWN HAOHMARU (Cyclone Slash Vanilla White)-Size XL


Underground T-shirt badboys HARDCORE CHOCOLATE have teamed up with game industry mavericks SNK to bring you another exciting collab! Fill your nostrils with the iron-rich stench of blood as you show off in a HAOHMARU-themed T-shirt. Bring the fight with a KOF'95 T that features the debut of the Rivals Team. Or how about going retro with an ATHENA-themed shirt that looks good on everyone ranging from old men to young girls.
...Who the hell thinks up these awesome designs, anyway?

Size: 77cm Length 58cm Width

Pre-order Period:
May 31st, 2022 (Tue.) 17:00PM JST

Shipping Date
June 2022 or later

*This product is only available to purchase through pre-orders.
Please note, confirmed orders cannot be cancelled.

This product has a limited amount of units available.
Orders will not longer be accepted after this number has been reached.


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